Wadi Rum, Jordan

the sand dunes of southern jordan

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Publication: Lonely Planet Magazine
Edition: July 2012
Scale and positioning: Double page spread, pages 10 and 11
Subject: Desert sand dune in early evening light, Wadi Rum, Jordan
Date taken: February 19th 2012
Device: Sony Cybershot DSC-H55
Text published: "The desert in southern Jordan was awe-inspiring. We went on a Jeep safari around the sights of the Wadi Rum desert - of Lawrence of Arabia fame - camping out one chilly night at the foot of some huge red mountains. Careering crazily around the desert in a Jeep, I saw this, my first ever sand dune. I love the water-like ripples in the sand and the way the dune snakes its way to the mountains in the distance. It was brilliant timing as the sun caught the outlines of the sand, creating shadows in all the right places. Within minutes of coming across the dune, the wind picked up and it was swept away. I feel privileged to have seen it."


Travelling brings you face to face with so many sights - some bordering on the sublime and others which, in their own way, manage to perfectly encapsulate a sense of place. Having taken thousands of photographs across sixty plus countries and five continents, the question is what do I actually do with them next? To have them sat on a hard drive at home unseen by the world is a wasted opportunity - especially when I spent so much time composing them. The obvious answer is to share. Like myself, many travellers take to social media to share their snaps. Others, like myself, choose to set up an independent travel website or blog as a way of getting their photography out there. On two occasions now I have been successful in getting my photography out into the world using more traditional methods: the printed travel magazine.

I'm not a professional photographer nor do I travel with fancy camera equipment, preferring to opt for a small, compact camera which is both discreet and practical: for me a camera's ability to be quickly shoved-in and yanked-out-of my pocket is an essential requirement. I have never read my camera's manual to take advantage of its advanced functions and often have my camera on the automatic adjustment mode letting it do the work instead of me. With all this in mind I am especially happy to have had my photographs published in an edition of a respected travel magazine available in eleven countries around the world - the resultof which you see below. The opportunity to write a small description for each was an added bonus.


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travel tips, links & resources

  • Amman, Jordan's capital, is well worth a day of your time at least. Many travel guides will dissuade you from travelling here because there isn't much to see - but I loved it!
  • This is obvious, but learn a couple of basic phrases in Arabic. These go a long way to building bridges.
  • Try to sleep local - this was one of the best things about my time in Amman. Avoid dreadful chain hotels.
  • We used bedouinwhispers.com to book our overnight stay in the Wadi Rum desert. I recommend them.


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