Beijing Forbidden City


Welcome to my travels in China. An Asian titan with more than its fair share of stunning sights to behold, China positively demands that you visit her. If you consider yourself any kind of serious, dedicated traveller, you should have China in your travel backstory somewhere. China is a place that simply must be experienced first hand. At least once. Choose from my separate journeys in China.

hong kong & taiwan

This was an east Asia adventure crossing the South China Sea from the frenetic, vertical megacity of Hong Kong to the more relaxed capital of Taiwan Taipei. Individually each city was incredible but, when experienced one after the other, complimented each other perfectly.

beijing & mutianyu

China was the third country on my journey eastward from the United Kingdom to Australia, first stopping in Belarus, then Azerbaijan and finally China. Beijing was frozen and wintry when we arrived meaning that we sought out some of the ultimate icons in world travel wrapped up in scarves, gloves and multiple layers.



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