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A Filipino Adventure to Manila & the Central Visayas Islands


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Where: Manila, Cebu, Bohol & Panglao. Philippines. Asia.
When: September-October 2022
What: text
How: International flight, Taxi, Walking, Domestic flight, ferry.
Country counter: Country No.92
Illnesses or mishaps: Text




Pilsetas Canal riga

The bright autumn weather creates fantastic reflections on the waters of the Pilsetas Canal in Bastejkalns Park.


riga orthodox church

Riga's Russian Orthodox Church.


riga tv tower

Riga's elegantly-shaped TV Tower - the tallest tower in the European Union.

riga academy of sciences

The Academy of Sciences, known locally as 'Stalin's Birthday Cake' or 'The Kremlin'. 


riga town square

Riga's main town square, partially destroyed in World War II and subsequently rebuilt.


The wonderful city of Riga nestles along the banks of the Daugava River.


Down by the banks of the Daugava River. Wonderful views of a wonderful city on a wonderful Autumn day.





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