Barcelona, Spain


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Spain is the archetypal sun-soaked Mediterranean destination distilled into the alliterative ‘sun, sea and sangria’. But don’t let this common refrain mislead you; Spain is sophisticated, historical and diverse.




It was serendipitous that my photographs of Barcelona back in 2003 were of very poor quality, triggering a revisit over a decade later when I was mature enough to appreciate Gaudi's Barcelona like never before...


tarragona, tamarit & barcelona

A burning desire to teach abroad led me to English Summer International Schools near Barcelona where I taught for a month. I headed out into the unknown, on my own, for the first time in my life...


Ibiza is a place of unrivalled hedonism, natural beauty and awesome sunsets. It isn't my type of travel destination. Why did I go? Well, to see it for myself and to be able to say that I'd been to Ibiza in my twenties. 


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