Welcome to my travels in Belgium. Belgium is a multi-linguistic and multifaceted kind of place. This Lilliputian-sized country arguably contains the very essence of western Europe; the perfect distillation of all that is good about the continent. A visit here is simultaneously a visit to half of Europe. Choose from my separate journeys in Belgium.

brussels & bruges

Belgium is a country renowned for its canals, windmills, chocolate and the cartoon character Tin Tin. It is the perfect place for a short city break in Autumn. We started in the Flemish wonderland of Bruges in the north before catching a train heading south to the Belgian capital Brussels at the country's heart.


Charleroi in southern Belgium was our starting point for what was a longer journey with an ulterior motive: to cross the border by bus into the Lilliputian country of Luxembourg to enjoy an Autumnal weekend in the small but perfectly formed Luxembourg capital Luxembourg City.


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