berlin wall graffiti


Welcome to my travels in Germany. Germany is an ordered and civilised place characterised by modernity and efficiency. It is also one with a deeply dark past, the lessons of which we should all take time out of our itinerary delighting in its urban culture to heed and listen. Choose from my separate journeys in Germany.


My journey to the German capital Berlin was one destination on my epic twelve-country railway adventure across Europe using the Inter-Rail system. Berlin was urban, gritty, lively but also came with an evocative, darker past meaning that visits to the historic Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall were obligatory.

dusseldorf & cologne

My first experience of Germany was a double city trip in western Germany, using the Deutsche Bahn to travel from Dusseldorf to Cologne and back. This was a jaunt characterised by phallic TV towers, modern architecture, giant bridges and imposing Gothic cathedrals.


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