Welcome to my travels in Spain. Spain is the archetypal sun-soaked Mediterranean destination distilled into the alliterative "sun, sea and sangria". But don’t let this common refrain mislead you; Spain is sophisticated, historical and diverse. Choose from my separate journeys in Spain.


Bareclona in Spain was our starting point on what was a longer journey with an ulterior motive: to cross the border by bus into the micronation of Andorra nestled in the Pyrenees. A decade after first visiting Barcelona I was finally mature enough to be able to appreciate Gaudi's city like never before.


Ibiza is an island associated with almost unrivalled hedonism, natural beauty and awesome sunsets. It isn't really my kind of travel destination. So, why did I go? To see it for myself and to be able to say that I'd been to Ibiza in my twenties...

tarragona, tamarit & barcelona

A burning desire to teach abroad led me to English Summer International Schools near Barcelona where I taught in a small town called Tamarit near Tarragona for a month. I headed out into the unknown, on my own, to work abroad, for the first time in my life. It was exciting and challenging in equal measure. 


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