united kingdom crown dependencies

United Kingdom Crown Dependencies are island territories in the British Isles that are self-governing possessions of the British Crown. Perplexingly, they are not part of the United Kingdom nor are they British Overseas Territories but, instead, are territories for which the United Kingdom is responsible, rather than being their own sovereign states. Welcome to the Land of the Channel Islanders and The Land of the Manx.

channel islands

The Channel Islands is comprised of eight inhabited islands around 15 kilometres off of the French coast. Seven of these islands are under the governance of Guernsey, the second largest island in the Channel Islands region. Jersey governs itself and is the largest and most populous island in the English Channel. Welcome to the Land of the Channel Islanders.

isle of man

The Isle of Man is almost equidistant from Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. It's an island of no more than 53 kilometres by 21 kilometres, punctuated by jagged cliffs, sandy beaches, glens and, it has to be said, a slightly unsettling state symbol of three armoured legs emanating like bicycle spokes from the centre and set upon a disconcertingly lurid blood-red background. Welcome to the Land of the Manx.

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