Wales is famed for its homes made of black slate, its winding country roads with quizzical sheep gathering in on either side, its dramatic stone castles, a lilting, musical accent and the pervasive whiff of fish and chips. It also has some of the most evocative landscapes in the British Isles. Welcome to the Land of the Welsh.


Cardiff, the Welsh national capital and seat of power, dresses the banks of the River Taff. Cardiff is a city characterised by impressive stone castles, evocative watery views of Cardiff Bay and the mournful sound of seagulls singing overhead. Welcome to the capital of the Land of the Red Dragon.

exploring wales

Wales, although geographically very close to England, has the uncanny ability of making you feel like it's very far away. Perhaps it's the bilingual signs, the musical accent and wide open landscapes which give it a distinct whiff of the foreign? This page celebrates my many visits to the Land of the Red Dragon.


Starting at Pen-y-Pas and following the Pyg Track I finally claimed the title of having climbed the tallest mountain in England & Wales: Mount Snowdon in the Snowdonia National Park. It was an ascent punctuated by perfectly still llyns, unforgettable bryns - and lots of sweating, huffing and puffing.


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