Scotland is a mystical and enchanting country characterised by lochs inhabited by mythical monsters, some of the best natural scenery in the British Isles, the visceral whining of bagpipes, ubiquitous tartan fabrics and the curious sight of men in skirts. Welcome to the Land of the Scots.

driving alba

Driving Alba was a Summer road trip adventure driving across Scotland from Inverness in the Highlands and zig-zagging southward to the Scottish capital Edinburgh, with obligatory stops at the mythical Loch Ness and the summit of Ben Nevis - Scotland's iconic mountain and the highest in the United Kingdom.


This was a city break to Glasgow, Scotland's masculine second city. Glasgow is characterised by heavy, uncompromising buildings as rugged and solid as any Scottish mountain. A saunter along the River Clyde doubles as a material journey from granite to metallic with a series of modern silvery constructions. 

highlands & islands

This was a three-day trip around the Scottish Highlands & Islands. I set off of my own to join sixteen strangers in a little white tour van driven by Tim, a very friendly and very patriotic Scottish guide. This was a journey punctuated by incredible viaducts, spectacular landscapes, hairy cows and men in skirts.


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