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These are the leading pages of the site. They avoid the reductionist format of many travel sites out there which reduce travel writing into quick read listicles and top tens. Instead, I've opted for a detailed written piece explaining my journey supported by carefully curated photographs from my collection. This, I feel, helps to capture a truer sense of place. Countries visited more than once have been given their own menu page and journeys which have involved many countries have been kept together on the same page to preserve a sense of the journey undertaken in its entirety. So, where would you like to go?

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My Blogs bring together three awesome strands of my travel life.  The Adventure Travel Blog compiles those adventurous experiences in foreign lands which have well and truly taken me out of my comfort zone, The Australia Blog chronicles defining moments in my new life Down Under and The World Wonders Blog captures my ongoing quest to photograph the undisputed landmarks in global travel.




It's a good feeling when someone else appreciates a photograph you have taken. This page brings together those proud occasions when my travel photography has been featured in printed and inonline publications. These include Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post and New South Wales Parks & Wildlife Service



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I'm not the biggest advocate of visiting the same country more than once simply because there are so many others I have yet to experience. Nevertheless, here are the menu pages for those countries I have visited on more than one occasion.




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